Storefront Washing

Storefront Washing for your Business

Show your customers you take pride in your business by utilizing our professional storefront pressure washing from Colonel Clean. Give the right impression to people who are entering your storefront. In Staten Island, many businesses aren’t aware of the benefits related to having their storefronts washed. Luckily, Colonel Clean is here to educate the local community in Staten Island!

As proud members of our Staten Island community, lending a hand to our neighbors is our #1 priority. When we enhance the look of your storefront, giving your business the professional look and image you’re looking for, it also has the positive effect of making the neighborhood your business is in look better as well. You have enough to worry about with the daily tasks of running your business, so let Colonel Clean handle the hassle of washing your storefront. Our pressure washing projects are not finished until we get ALL the dirt and grime off of your store front, and the professionals at Colonel Clean are the best in town.

The time and energy you’ve invested in your business doesn’t need to be wasted doing the tedious task of washing your storefront as well. Your storefront is the first thing that people see, and we all know first impressions are everything. It’s important that we all convey and positive, clean, and trustworthy image so that people continue utilizing your services. Whenever the time comes for storefront washing, keep Colonel Clean in mind. We get some of the best recommendations and referrals from people in Staten Island.

Colonel Clean uses a technique known as soft washing whenever we’re washing a storefront. Soft washing is a form of low-pressure washing that uses a much lower velocity spray taking care not to damage the exterior of your business. This translates to a quality deep-clean of your storefront that makes it the best and most efficient method of all our other pressure washing services.

Here are a few of the benefits to Storefront Washing:

Visual Appeal: The first thing people see when thinking about using your service, is that if your exterior has a clean and crisp appearance, then your interior and product will most likely follow suit.

Building Material Lifespan: All buildings risk deterioration over time, and properly maintaining those materials by washing and preserving them will help increase their lifespan, keeping repair costs low.

Sanitary Reasons: Washing the storefront doesn’t just make your business look clean, it also removes bacteria and harmful combinations of mold and mildew, which have been known to cause disease.

Raises Property Value: A well kept storefront will almost certainly raise the curb appeal of your business, in turn adding value to not just your property, but other properties in your neighborhood as well.

Our Complete List of Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Storefront washing is not the only commercial pressure washing service we offer. If you’re in need of any specialized types of cleaning for your business, contact Colonel Clean today. We will come out to assess the project and give you an estimate on the spot. Our other commercial specialty services include:

Building Washing

Equipment Washing

Fleet Washing

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