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Your fleet is a crucial component to any successful business operation. Give them treatment they require so that they run at peak performance and look professional. Colonel Clean is one of the top pressure washing services in the area and is available to assist you with all your fleet washing needs. We are a fully licensed and insured team of professional power washers, serving all of Staten Island and the greater New York City area.

Your fleet should emulate the quality of your business, so you should always keep your fleet in the best condition at all time. Washing your fleet isn’t necessarily the same a going to the car wash; Colonel Clean has the professional pressure washing experience and the specialized equipment that will make your fleet look like new again. Fill out our online form with a description and quantity of vehicles you’re looking to have services and get scheduled for a free estimate today!

The cleanliness of your Fleet represents a glimpse of the services you provide

It takes years to build the reputation we have earned, and the majority of Staten Island seems to rely on Colonel Clean for their fleet washing needs. Over time, we have devoted countless hours of training and development to become the best, and once we got there we didn’t stop. We pride ourselves on being the company Staten Island can count on when they need the job done right. Our client testimonials speak for themselves, but here’s a few benefits to fleet washing that you may not know:

Safe Operation and Care: We can service your fleet at any location, and we train our pressure washing technicians on how to properly operate around busy areas to minimize the chance of any accidents. We care for your fleet as if they were our own, making sure to pay close attention to the delicate parts of your vehicles.

Spotless Cleaning: The commercial fleet washing team have developed a systematic approach to ensuring every inch of your fleet is covered. You can relax knowing your vehicles will be cleaned from top to bottom.

Better Performance: Dust and dirt that builds up on the moving parts of your fleet can lead to rust and lead to squeaky parts over time. Routine fleet washing can prevent that and give you the peace of mind knowing you will never have to worry about those issues.

Easier Maintenance: Nuts, bolts, and gaskets that need to be removed during maintenance periods are much easier to work with when they are cleaned. Our professional fleet washing services can make the removal of these parts easier.

Protection and Prevention: Salt is one of the biggest issues for vehicles in Staten Island over time because it causes the metal on your fleet to oxidize faster, leading to rust and in some cases cracks. Periodic fleet washing can mitigate these hassles and save you money in the long run.

Colonel Clean always has room for more customers, so when you’re ready to utilize our fleet washing services don’t hesitate to give us a call. Staten Island knows we offer the best commercial pressure washing services in town, but we also offer a range of other services such as:

Equipment Washing

Storefront Washing

Building Washing

As proud members of the Staten Island community, it makes us proud knowing we can help provide our neighbors with the best pressure washing treatments in town. Schedule an appointment with Colonel Clean today for all your pressure washing needs.

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