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Colonel Clean would be honored to offer our equipment washing service to the commercial businesses in Staten Island. Your equipment is a vital part of any business operation, and the care and attention we give your equipment is one of the top priorities for us. Routine equipment washing is an essential part of ensuring your equipment will work properly when needed. Colonel Clean is the premier equipment washing service in Staten Island you’ve been looking for.

If your equipment is designed to be used all the time, sometimes the task of cleaning the equipment properly is overlooked.  Colonel Clean will ensure your equipment will run and operate longer and more efficiently with our professional equipment washing service in Staten Island.

Equipment washing is a task that is often frustrating, and when keeping your equipment clean there are some things that must be done properly. This isn’t just a hose and rag operation; our pressure washing equipment is the best in the market. Our trained professionals know how to wash a variety of equipment, and certain pieces of equipment require special care and attention. The team at Colonel Clean will ensure you’re equipment is free from gunk and debris, allowing it to continue running properly while adding some style points to your business.

Here are a few reasons why equipment washing is important:

Longevity and Warranty: Failure is not an option. Some warranties for different types of equipment may be voided if it is not washed properly. Don’t let the basic maintenance of keeping your equipment clean cause you to have to replace them prematurely.

Money Saved: Reduce the need for costly repairs by keeping your equipment clean. You shouldn’t have to account for equipment down time because you passed up a quality pressure washing service.

Performance Increases: Heavy machinery has a number of parts and internals that must be kept clean in order to ensure proper operation. Don’t sacrifice efficiency for not removing the dirt and grime that can slow down your expensive equipment.

Easy Future Maintenance: A good quality cleaning schedule will ensure your equipment doesn’t rust, and simple tasks like removing nuts and bolts will be much easier when your equipment is washed properly.

Professional Image: Your equipment reflects your company. Whether your goal is to court new business or retain existing clients, keeping your equipment clean is necessary to keep them impressed.  

Colonel Clean, a one-stop shop for your Commercial Pressure Washing needs

When searching for an equipment washing service, there aren’t many pressure washing companies that can compete with the quality of Colonel Clean. We wouldn’t make a claim like that without having the customer reviews to back that up, so be sure to check our client testimonials and recent work.

Equipment washing is just one of the many commercial pressure washing services we offer in Staten Island. Here’s a quick list of some other services you may be interested in:

  • Building Washing
  • Fleet Washing
  • Storefront Washing

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