Lifelong Staten Island Resident – A self proclaimed dirt buster, started Colonel Clean Pressure Washing & Maintenance Systems. Previously, he worked for UPS and owned a Gourmet Italian Food Store. He enjoys being outdoors, meeting people and has earned the nickname “Robin Hood” for always helping & doing for others. Dennis’ mission is to continue helping Homeowners, Businesses and Managers keep their properties clean – ALL YEAR ROUND!



The Adorable English Bulldog

The company mascot is a real life English Bulldog and while we’ve tried to train him to pressure wash, he just kept biting the pressure washing gun and slapping his paws in the water. So we gave up on the training.


“Now if only we can get him to start answering the phones”


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Colonel Clean

Best Services

Colonel Clean has a reputation in Staten Island for providing premier Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Professional Staff

Proper training is what sets Dennis and his team apart from the competition. Pressure Washing is a skill that needs to be learned properly.

Optional Services

Colonel Clean offers a wide array of additional services aside from Pressure Washing. Ask about what specials are going on this month so you don't miss out!

20+ Years Experiences

Dennis has been in the Pressure Washing business for over 2 decades. There is a reason Staten Island continues to call Colonel Clean the Best!

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Colonel Clean is available for estimates and services 24/7. Accommodations can be made outside of normal business hours.

What to Expect?

In order to provide the Quality Pressure Washing services in Staten Island, we need to use the top equipment in the industry. Take a look at the team and some of the equipment you can expect to be on site while we’re performing your Pressure Washing services.